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Thread: Amazon Whacking my site?

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    Amazon Whacking my site?

    In the last week, Amazon has started hitting hundreds of pages on my web site and using a fair bit of bandwidth. Why?
    Is this a good thing or should I exclude the Amazon IP addresses? Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

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    What to Do...

    It depends...

    Is your site an e-commerce site?
    Do you use any Amazon Services for your website?

    If your anwser is yes to the first question and no to the second. I would block the IP addresses and keep an eye out for new IP addresses from them. I have heard that Amazon looks at the items you sell, if it is a viable item to sell. They will buy stock and beat your price to potentially take customers away from you that enter your website through Shopping websites. I have not found definite proof of this, I have heard this.

    If you use amazon services I would do some more investigating. It may be the service you use from them. Also, if your website is not an e-commerce website I would block the incoming IP addresses, because there is no reason for them to ping your website.
    Ryan Condron
    Freelance Web Developer

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    Thanks, Ryan. Amazon is indeed a direct competitor and your suggestion doesn't surprise me. I've blocked the IP addresses.

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