I am starting a new website through Volusion. We hired their design team to create the template of our website, and we are also using them for our shopping cart. I am in the process of adding our products through the Volusion 'Dashboard" which allows you to manage the site without having to deal much with html, but allows you to if you need to, which is great. So far, we are having a great experience with building this site. Today I found out, however, that we can't control the HTML address of specific pages. Our pages are developed in ASP. So if I decide to make a new landing page, say with a product on it or just an informational table of information, it would be called something like this: http://www.USA-Flag-Store.com/category-s/30.htm.

I thought that was bad for SEO, am I correct? They do allow us to put in our own meta tags and page titles, etc. The only thing it appears I can't control it the actual web address of specific pages. What are your thoughts on this?