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    Hiya guys,

    I am updating some content for ol' client of mine using Drupal 5.
    The goal is to have a page with a list upcoming events, sorted by month.

    The example :

    < AUGUST , 2012 >

    - Title Event 1
    - Location
    - Description
    - Date, More details.

    - Title Event 2
    - Location
    - Description
    - Date, More details.

    < SEPTEMBER, 2012 >

    - Title Event3
    - Location
    - Description
    - Date, More details.

    - Title Event 4
    - Location
    - Description
    - Date, More details.

    <--!end of example-->
    So far I've managed to have 90&#37; of it. I just need to make a monthly divider show up once for a group of events.

    Modules I'm using : all the possible date/ calender modules for Drupal5.

    What I've done so far ::

    I a have created a content type called "Up Coming Events".
    This will control the each on my calender event to have Event_date, event_name, event_location, and etc.
    For that I added custom fields:
    --Body(Group)Month Divider.
    --Event Date
    --Event Location
    --Event State

    I created a "View" for these nodes to show up at:
    It has Arguments set up (view image below) ::

    -Date: Event date (summarize by month)
    -Date: MonDiv (summarize by year)
    -Calender : Month.

    For page View-Type I use "Date: Browser-date".

    Now I have the monthly divider but it shows up above each event, even if they are on the same month. Also, user need to toggle 'next/prev month - not good, I need all events on one page.

    My question is How can I show few event under one month divider. Do I need to change my VIEW-TYPE ? Please help. Thank you.

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