Hello. This is my first post! Little basic first: I am very new in the web-business, having taken a few courses and being mildly interested in it for the past couple of years - I recently got a job that requires me to do things I don't neccessarily know from before (Dont' we all?). I know basic HTML, CSS and some ASP. Even a little ActionScript!

So now, I have been asked to add some requirement-functions to a pretty simple HTML form. I cannot link you to the site as it's classified, but I can try to explain what I need.

I was told this would be "easy" to do in javascript or jquery, but I am clueless so I came here. Please point me in the right direction

I have a form, and 2 of the sections are as following:


Checkbox 1, Checkbox 2, Checkbox 3, Checkbox 4, Text input

Where the customer picks either one of the checkboxes, or multiple - but if none are selected, the text input box has to be required.


Radio 1 (yes), Radio 2 (no), Text input(if yes, describe)

So Radio 1 or 2 has to be requried, AND if radio 1 (yes) is selected the text input box also has to be required.