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Thread: Why does this not work?

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    Why does this not work?

    Simple little function really...

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function changeClassHoverPane(){
    var change=this.id;

    function theChange(){
    document.getElementById(change).className='content-pane 1 transition';
    setTimeout(theChange, 2000);

    it changes this:

    <div class="content-pane 1 transition" id="c-1" onmouseover="this.className='hover-pane'" onmouseout="changeClassHoverPane()" >
    <a class="transition" href="http://www.thephpboss.com/">The php boss dot com is here......</a>

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    in function changeClassHoverPane, you try using 'this.id' to fetch the id of the div. it's not right.
    you need pass the div element by a param to the function, just like this:


    and in function changeClassHoverPane(ele)
    you can get the id correctly
    var change = ele.id

    hope can help u.

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