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Thread: i don't know what did gone wrong on but this is frustrating, plz help

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    Angry i don't know what did gone wrong on but this is frustrating, plz help

    today i was working on a php script that uploads the images and makes a thumbnails out of them..
    well, i had the idea, i wrote the outline then i finished the script
    i had a couple of syntax errors and i fixed them,,

    but still there's some thing wrong with the code, no image was uploaded and no thumbnail created !!

    here's the code

    PHP Code:

    create_thumbnail ($source$destination$thumb_width) { 
    $size getimagesize($source);
    $width $size[0]; 
    $height $size[1]; 
    $x 0
    $y 0;
        if (
    $width $height ) { 
    $x ceil (($width $height) / 2); 
    $width $height;}

        elseif (
    $height$width) { ]
    $y ceil (($height $width) / 2);
    $height $width; }

    $new_image imagecreatetruecolor($thumb_width,$thumb_width
                    or die (
    'Cannot intialize new image stream, make sure to read the instructions'); 
    $extension get_image_extension($source); 
    $extension=='jpg' || $extension=='jpeg'
    $image imagecreatefromjpeg($source); 
    $extension=='gif'// for gif
    $image imagecreatefromgif($source);
    $extension == 'png'// for png
    $image imagecreatefrompng($source);

    //now in relative to the upper lines the next few lines....

    $extension=='jpg' || $extension=='jpeg')
        if (
    $extension == 'gif')

    get_image_extension($name) { // gets the image extension
    $name strtolower($name); // converts the name to lowercase
    $i strrpos($name"."); 
            if (!
    $i) {return ""; }
    $l strlen($name) - $i;
    $extension strlen($name,$i+1,$l);

    random_name($length) {
    $characters "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSUVWXYZ0123456789";
    $name "";
            for (
    $i=0$i $length$i++) { 
    $name .= $characters [mt_rand(0strlen($characters) - 1)];    }

    $image_location "images/featured/"// images directory
    $thumbs_location "images/tn/"// thumnails directory
    $thumbs_width 100// width in pixels 
    $maximum_size 99999999999999// maximum size in kb (i know, but 99999999999999 looks pretty )
    $result ="click browse to locate the image you want to upload"// just a message bro.

    if (isset($_POST['submit'])){
    $_files['image']['name'] == "") { // checks
    $result "please choose an image !!";} // message

    $filename stripslashes($_FILES['image']['name']); 
    $extension get_image_extension($filename    ); 
                if (
    $size $maximum_size) { 
    $result "image is too large, please choose a smaller one.";}

    // now checks the extension..
    if (($extension != "jpg") &&     // not a jpg
    ($extension != "jpeg") &&   // not a jpeg
    ($extension != "png") &&   // not a png
    ($extension != "gif")) {  // not a gif !! WTF is it ???
    $result "it's not an image file, please choose an image with proper extension";}

    $image_random_namerandom_name(15).".".$extension ;
    $copy = @copy($_FILES['image']['tmp_name'], $images_location.$image_random_name);
                        if (!
    $copy) { $result "we're sorry, there's a technical error, please try again, please"; }


    // you finally reached this (else) and the image will be uploaded Hallelujah

    create_thumbnail ($images_location.$image_random_name,$thumbs_location.$image_random_name$thumbs_width) ;
    $result "image has been uploaded"// it actually refers to me


            <title>Multi_uploader with thumbnails</title>

        <form action="multi_uploader_with_thumbnails.php" method="POST" encypte="multipart/form-data">
            <input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="99999999999999"> <!-- this is kb but 99999999999999 looks cool --> 
            <input type="file" name="image" multiple="multiple" />
            <input name="submit" id="submit" type="submit" value="Upload them">


    thanks in advance,

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    When I write a script, I normally write it a bit at a time because I test as I go along. The process: Write a little bit. Test. Fix problems (if any). Move on.

    Also, I check for more than just syntax errors, I check that the script is, thus far, working as I intended it.

    I do this because it's easier to find a bug in a little bit of code than it is in a whole wall of code where it could be hiding out anywhere.

    Hope this tip helps you in the future.

    As for what's wrong...I'm not going to attempt to answer because I am only an intermediate at PHP and there are advanced programmers here who can (and most likely will) answer. I try to stick to really simple problems because I'm more apt to give a good answer.
    The better I get at programming, the more I appreciate arrays. Handy dandy things they are.

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    Nothing immediately jumped out at me. My first suggestion would be to make sure you're seeing any/all debug info PHP might have for you:
    PHP Code:
    try {

    /* your code here, then */

    Exception $e) {
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