I am trying to come up with a way to send a notification email to people associated with a story that was posted. The people to be emailed are:

-the owner of the post (unless the current commenter is the owner)
-everyone else who has ever commented on the post

Also, I need to be careful not to send duplicate emails for anyone who may have posted more than one comment on a given post.

My database comment table is set up with the columns:
comment_id (just a unique id for each comment ever)
post_id (unique id for the posted story)
commenter_id (id of person who is commenting)
commentee_id (id of person who owns the posted story)
comment (the comment itself)
comment_date (date of comment post)

My database members table is basically 2 columns:
id (unique member id)
email (members email)

So far I have:
PHP Code:
$post_id 25// id of post
$commentee_id 9// id of post owner

$get_all_commenter_ids mysql_query("SELECT commenter_id FROM comments WHERE post_id='$post_id");
$row mysql_fetch_array($get_all_commenter_ids)){ 
$commenter_id $row["commenter_id"];
$commenter_id as $member_to_email) {
$commentee_id != $member_to_email) {
$get_commenter_email mysql_query("SELECT email FROM members WHERE id='$member_to_email");
$row mysql_fetch_array($get_commenter_email )){ 
$commenter_email $row["email"];
// I am not sure what goes next!

Please let me know if there is a more elegant way to do this.