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Thread: What would you charge?

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    What would you charge?

    So, my situation here is a bit weird. I offered to do a website for a friend in exchange for exotic animals (approx. value $1500).

    He had another friend doing his website, but all she can really do is graphics, and couldn't even get in to make simple edits to fix typos etc in a reasonable amount of time, so he kicked her to the curb and picked me up.

    I redid the site in PHP, and installed Zen Cart, set all of that up, input all of the data for the cart, etc.

    We eventually decided to change things up and I installed wordpress, set up a cart system with that. I modified the template to customize it, input all of the data again for the cart, and taught the client how to use wordpress/add pages/modify things/etc.

    I've also set up email for him, and a few other misc. things.

    I haven't been keeping track of hours (stupid me!) but I would say at least 40-50 between development and support easily.

    Would you say I've worked off the $1500? The only thing I have to compare to is what my husband does, and he programs, and charges a hefty per hour fee, so it isn't really comparable. LOL


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    Depends what the market is like where you live, and what currency you're talking about.

    I live on the west coast of Canada, and I generally charge about $30 CDN an hour(I'm relatively new to the industry so this is very low here). At $30 X 50 hours you earned exactly $1500.

    The business I get most of my work from hires me out to their clients at $120/hour, so if you are a pro, your friend probably owes you something more.

    Roughly what part of the world do you live in?

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    I live in Idaho.

    I figured I was pretty close to on par. I'm not a super awesome web developer or anything (and I have all the free support I could ever want, because my husband programs for a living. lol. I think his company bills out about $120/hr too. For his freelance/contractor stuff he charges about $90/hr, but he can do pretty much anything, where as I am limited to HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, the more basic stuff), but I can do enough to get by. I typically don't have the time to take on clients, so I usually don't. It mainly started out as a favor to him because the other girl is a dip and would take days to update something like an email address. It is his business website, so he can't afford to have screw ups on it.

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