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Thread: [RESOLVED] Urgent CSS help needed please!

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Urgent CSS help needed please!

    Hello all!

    I hope somebody out there can help me out.

    I've been tasked with coding a page that incorporates multiple jquery components which has been HELL to say the least!

    I'm ALMOST THERE but came across a CSS issue.

    Please see this page - http://www.gymnasticsvillage.com/uni...accordion.html

    Works fine! Now I wanted to 'simply' place this within a slide down navigation tab on the main page. I copied all the code over and VOILA...CRAP!

    www.gymnasticsvillage.com/unifirst/index.htm (hover over 'uniforms & workwear' in the nav)

    It's obviously conflicting with parent styles but don't know where to go from here...any assistance would be MUCH appreciated!

    Thanks so much!


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    You make mistakes in css and js path. It must be relative not absolute.

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    Thank you

    Could you clarify just a little bit?

    I actually just copied the js calls directly from the working page. As far as the css, do you mean an absolute path to images versus relative?


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