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Thread: Options for selling using PayPal

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    Options for selling using PayPal

    I have a client who wants to sell her fashion designs on her website.

    As an example she has a photo of a swimsuit she designed. The photo also includes some accessories she wants to sell. She also wants to sell this swimsuit in numerous different sizes.

    What is the least expensive and most flexible method using PayPal?

    At first she said she was only going to sell one size of each different swimsuit, so I set up her website with "Buy Now" buttons, but with "Buy Now" buttons I don't think there is a way to add different sizes.

    Is there a method using PayPal to be able to have one price for the swimsuit and another price for an accessory all with one button?

    I have looked at the PayPal website but can not find the answer. I believe you have to have an account before you can see the details of how their code works. If this is not the case, can someone tell me how to find out more about their code and it's limitations?

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    This would be the route I would go. With Magento you have a configurable product. A configurable product is a essentially a parent product that has several child products that the user can select from. In your case the parent product would be a swimsuit, and your child product would be your sizes of that swimsuit. You would do this to keep stock, of the suits. Magento also has a extension available to Manage your stock through the backend and sell items on eBay. The extension would sync everything between your website and eBay. This will giver opportunity for growth. You would use the PayPal express checkout.
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