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Thread: text based rpg

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    Aug 2012

    Smile text based rpg

    i need help i know c++ html css php and javascript

    i want to make a text based mmo i gogoogd guid ogled and just cant find a good guid or ntn just give me nudge plz is it that i just peice together it all or what. and it is sessions that i use to keep info like player money right plz help addd me on messanger if u wanna (deleted)
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    anybody plz any info is helpfull ok lets say i start with the user login how would i make it so the server saves the user stats,money ect takeing in mind i already have mysql and a test db and tables....sessions?

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    If you know PHP you should be able to do what I think you are asking for pretty quickly...if you don't actually know PHP, then I would start by learning it.

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    I know there are some frameworks out there for text-based RPGs that you might be able to build upon. See if any of these links help.
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    I've built a similar game. I had a browser-based virtual dog game where you breed and show your dogs. It consisted of text and graphics, as well as links you clicked.

    The challenges to making a game are two fold: You have to learn how to do the actual programming, and you have to decide how to design your game. Design issues for my game included: Was I going to use usernames or ID numbers to identify my users? What breeds of dog would I include in the game? How would the dog shows work? And so on. Programming issues were things like: How do I code the dog's profile pages. How do I code the login script. How do I make forums? etc.

    The design part wasn't too bad for me because I'd played virtual pet games before, so I had ideas for how to go about designing one. I also know a lot about dogs so I had that knowledge to go on as well.

    The programming part was hell because I knew barely anything about PHP. I recommend a good book or two, some on-line tutorials, and asking lots of questions. That's what's carried me through. Well that and determination. LOTS of determination. As someone who knew little of nothing about programming, PHP tested me. Were it not for my passion, I would have given up.
    The better I get at programming, the more I appreciate arrays. Handy dandy things they are.

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    Normally I encourage this sort of thing, but your post seems to have brought out my cynical side because for the second time this week I've answered a post related to game development and game programming on a web development forum.

    A "text based MMO"? I will assume you've not made an error here and actually do intend on creating a massively multiplayer online text based game. I'm not quite sure how that would work, but if you want to build an online game, you probably don't want to do it in PHP or JavaScript because these languages have more specific purposes. You can certainly build a nice little game with JavaScript and PHP, but you'll likely be creating single player 2D/text based games for a long time before you delve into anything else, let alone online and fully interactive.

    Let's just clear something up right now; a multi-player online game is much more advanced than a single player offline game, or single-player browser based game. It's a different kettle of fish. I'm not a game development expert, but I know a thing or two about C++ and have dabbled in DirectX and WebGL and the architecture for an online game is just way more advanced. Problems will start popping up all over the place and you'll quickly be overwhelmed.

    I can't claim to know how much skill or understanding you have, but the way you present yourself gives me the impression that you think it's going to be a case of

    "save X gold coins to MySQL table",
    "pull weapon Y from table",
    "equip weapon Y",
    "use item Z on player ABC",
    "player ABC dies",


    ...it just doesn't work that way. What are you going to do when no one is online, walk around in your text based game alone? How are you going to handle online players? Positions, items, skills, experience, interactivity, chat, etc.?

    Since you claim to already know C++, why not extend your general-purpose programming skills by learning the Win32 and Winsock APIs, and actually learn game development? You haven't stated how deep your interest in this regard is, nor your actual level of understanding of any of the languages you stated, but if you just want to extend your PHP and JavaScript (web dev) skills, there are better ways of doing so. If you want to become a game developer, stay well away from PHP and JavaScript, start learning C/C++, DirectX, OpenGL, Win32 and Winsock and you'll be well on your way. Obviously you'll never master each of these, you'd always work in teams.

    How does a text based MMO work anyway?
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    FWIW MMO != FPS...see Guild Wars or just about any other facebook game to see an MMO that isn't a FPS.

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    Not sure where you're coming from? I never made that claim. I was just throwing out things that need to be considered such as skills, chat, interactivity, etc.

    Zanda said he wants to "make it so the server saves the user stats,money ect ".

    I still think the whole text-based MMO is a bad idea for a first project, no matter what subgenre. The OP clearly doesn't know where to begin, despite claiming to know C++, PHP and JavaScript, which to me rings alarm bells.

    Surely one cannot possibly know C++, PHP and JavaScript, but never have saved anything to a database before? It sounds unreasonable to me that anybody can claim to know PHP and yet have no knowledge whatsoever of SQL or simple queries like "INSERT INTO".

    Anyway, I don't want to be discouraging or cynical... I just think this is an ill-informed desire, especially as a 1st project.

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    I'd certainly agree with George that an MMO isn't the best place to start if you want to get into developing games. The simple fact is that developing a game is about 10x more difficult than most people think it will be, and they tend to bite off way more than they can chew.

    I worked with some guys on a game (admittedly I only did the music) and the programmer was a big fan of the path outlined here. Basically it's written by a game developer and he is saying hey... before you try to make some epic game, make sure you can make stuff like Tetris and such first.

    So with that said, the game we made was Tetris. Only he called it Quaddrop. I think there is a (free) playable version somewhere out there on the Internet.

    Mind you, the "text-based" part of it would be even easier than Tetris. But the MMO part wouldn't.

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    I made my first on-line, multiplayer game when I was a novice PHP programmer but it wasn't, like, World of Warcraft or anything. It was similar to games like Neopets (www.neopets.com) and Furry Paws (www.furry-paws.com).

    My game was multiplayer in the sense that people could sell dogs and items to each other and breed their females to other people's stud dogs. Also, I don't know if it counts, but they could message each other, go in the chat room, and post on the forum.
    The better I get at programming, the more I appreciate arrays. Handy dandy things they are.

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    ok let me clear some stuff up
    c++ yes i do know this i had started working with lib named sfml made by laurent miller tho i admit i dont have much exp due to that i was on a dieing pc and it died during my studies.upon my return i decided tho i remem most to about as far as oop to refresh with a good book and while i was on my way to doing so a friend suggested why not learn to make web pages as it will get you money sooner tho i dont do this for money i said y not and as i am 16 he said if i could show him progress he would fund my activities

    so i learned html then a lil sql then css then javascript then php my previous knowlage of c++ made it very easy for me to grasp the syntax ect of php

    now to the matter at hand i know i do that this is prob 100% harder than i expect as to be honest when i started doing c++ i was amazed at all i had to learn just to render a simple graphic window but i loved it.

    i all im looking for i a push in the correct direction and since i havent viseted all the links you guys gave thanks btw i dont know if i have got it yet.

    all the above languages except c++(which i learned from tuts plus books plus forums as proof i know it my hardest bump was grasping polomorization) i learned from w3schools.com so my knowlage is admitidly basic as i would expect

    now to the game i dont care i know about programming so i now the wtf i will say when i just finished writting a block of code that i find needs debugging which i also like to do

    lets start like this then the ultimate goal of the project is going to be like a game called the "ninja rpg"

    so here is the start for now i care not for security as this is just a server on my lappy

    we make a login page (yes i know how to do this)
    based on user info on my db user gains acess or not(i will google this)
    user is given an option to decide faith-
    (exp. "help the old lady" and "rob the old lady")

    and thats where we start (lol thinking now i could do this i could use php to prcess the answer and use some js to make sure the user couldnt just click back in the browser right)

    make no mistake i am not to be spoon fed just a push...also i had starting reading a php book but due to my c++ knowlage of oop i had thaught it woud be enough to learn just the syntax to create a class and manipulate it

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    My first project was "Game Like", i offered to make a database and website for my brothers phone repair company and they wanted to track everything and reward their employees with Achievements and xp for fixing stuff and helping customers out.

    I can say without a doubt.. Get a pad of paper and write out Everything! i thought it was going to be easy. currently we are tracking around

    14 manufacturers
    (around)74 models in each manufacturer
    24 Part Categories for each model
    (around)100 Items in each category

    with around 200 employees online between 9AM and 7PM. they have a chat open during those hours as well between all of them.

    I started this when i was 16.. I am now 18 and we are approaching the final release of the new system. (we have gone through about 2-3 Massive Revisions) and i have posts on this website back when i first started this project lol. (Thanks for all the help back then Nogdog )

    I just say this all to give you an idea of what my experience is.

    Some Tips..

    Have an idea what your host is going to be, we have around 200 users and are using a 300$ a month dedicated server. not to bad considering how much money it has made us (and we like the extra memory lol).

    Make your own framework if you know basic php. Include simple functions like one to verify if the user is logged in and ones to send Queries etc...

    Learn PDO or MYSQLi for sending stuff to a database in a nice secure way (and than include it in your framework as stated above).

    Lean on a Secure Tested Framework if your really afraid! When i first started on my brothers website i used PHPBB3's login to support my website and it worked wonderfully because it had an included forum, The one major downside is you have to work with someone else's project and that can be a pain. it is well documented and there are thousands of mods to help you learn how to modify it though.

    I have since made my own full framework and security measures and left PHPBB in the dust, but only because i am now confident and have people to test stuff for me.

    Choose a data delivery method, redirecting people to a new page for every little thing is a bit sluggish for games, so looking into Ajax is pretty much a must. the more Dynamic your website the better, And the more complicated.

    Get ready to master optimization, games are very content heavy. if you want anyone to hang around you better learn to manage that either by pre-loading everything, making massive sprites, and reduce the amount of calls the system has to make to get from point A to B. (and yes this applies to just a text based game, You will be juggling a lot of Data and even text can begin to amass)

    And my last bit of advice, if you are actually going to make it live.. Get ready to be overwhelmed with bugs when you start to let people in and be ready to manage bug abusers. Make tools to help you ban people and revert stats to a previous date etc...

    I could literally go on for hours but i doubt you would read the entire thing.
    So i hope you Enjoy this short bit and i wish you the best of luck!
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    i actually would read it all but i wanna start and since i also have classes 16 yers old u guys my summer is almost up so here is my deal i have my test server i have my basic knowlage of php and ect as i doubt this is going to be a game that requires an engine.

    where do i start

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    so where would i start?

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    I dont think repeating it is going to make much difference, I doubt many people want to get pulled into this project. Its not the kind of thing that is just,

    Step 1.
    Step 2.
    Step 3. etc...

    Any amount of googling at all would tell you where to begin with a login.. pick up a hashing framework(http://www.openwall.com/phpass/) Make a login field and a password field.., use cookies or sessions... than verify..

    Hell, you could even find videos on youtube on how to make a text based RPG in php because so many people want to try it as their first project..
    Albert Einstein ~ "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

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