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Thread: Making a new website as a beginner

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    Making a new website as a beginner

    Hi guys.
    I am currently looking to create a website for the research I am doing. I have little knowledge of website development so searching for any sites/companies that allow you to produce good looking and cheap sites to develop and maintain. On a budget so not looking to spend the earth on a domain and monthly rental. Won't need a ton of storage...mainly text, pictures and links on the site.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    The domain and hosting can cost under £50 pa, provided you do not need a database. Similarly, getting a small site built is very cheap these days, 'cos everyone and their grandmother thinks they can wriite web sites. However, a critical factor in the cost is how often the site will need to be updated. You need to clarify the maintenance cost, before you commit to having the site built. Otherwise you could get a nasty shock.

    On the other hand, if you intend to write it yourself, I can recommend Heart Internet as a host.
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    You could set up a free Wordpress site at wordpress.com for keeping track of your research. If you're worried about the domain name, you can purchase one for your wordpress.com site fairly easily.

    You hardly need to know what a website is to run one of those sites: they have lots of great themes, and functionality to add on too. Plus, there's a solid community ready to help you out there, if you get stuck.

    Another option is you could hire someone like me to develop a professional website that is custom built to meet your needs. FYI: I charge a good bit less than the earth.

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