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Thread: Developer Bucket List

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    Developer Bucket List

    Hey eveyrone, first post here, but instead of a standard "newbie here" thread, decided to ask a question to all instead:

    Whats on your "Developer" Bucket List?
    We all know we have aspirations or even things that make us say "God I want to do that" but just cant seem to find the time in order to tackle it anytime soon.
    I just wrote out a few "modest" goals I have, called it my Bucket List (for when i have time) and saved it out.

    I actually have to get back to my duties right now, so ill just copy+paste what I wrong, but I am interested in hearing what your Developer Bucket List is!


    Projects Hitlist (Bucket List)

    • Create a Free to Use standalone Forum/MessageBoard Software
    • Create Free to Use standalone Blogging Software
    • Create a site almost entirely user-generated, maybe a Social network site, wiki clone, or even a Game Journalism site or something

    I wish to do these before I die, which could be tomorrow or 80 years from now lol

    Whats yours?

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    This thread was good enough to make me break my silence. My web developer bucket list?

    I want to quit doing web development entirely so I can be a full time artist that answers to the muses alone. Clients are a pain in the crack.
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    I want to make a searchable collection of formulas with integrated images.

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    Develop a webgame using XHTML, SVG, CSS, and JavaScript.

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