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Thread: Javascript content load, screenview to resolve at top of the page

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    Javascript content load, screenview to resolve at top of the page


    I'm looking for help customizing some JavaScript. I'm primarily a web designer and I recently added some JavaScript to my portfolio website.


    When you click on the "more" thumbnail images at the bottom of the page, the page loads in additional content.
    Everything works great, but I want the content to "load" while bringing the screenview back up to the top of the page after each thumbnail click.

    I think this is a pretty quick fix, I just need to add something extra to my current JavaScript code. Any help on what to add is greatly appreciated!

    Here's the code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    ajax.pages = new Array();
    ajax.pages["spotlight-main"] = "spotlight-main.html";
    ajax.pages["spotlight-royal-rompers"] = "spotlight-royal-rompers.html";
    ajax.pages["spotlight-trievas-spa"] = "spotlight-trievas-spa.html";
    ajax.checkHash = function()
    var windowHash = window.location.hash.replace("#", "");
    windowHash = (windowHash == "") ? "spotlight-main" : windowHash;
    if(windowHash != ajax.currentHash)

    I'm also using a swap.js script.


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    Never mind! Fixed with help from a different forum!

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