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Thread: Get height of an element /if/ set to auto

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    Get height of an element /if/ set to auto

    Hey all,

    So I am making a nav for a mobile webapp and I found an awesome guide that I have picked apart then changed.
    He says in there that if using css you cannot have the height change animation while changing the height from 0px to auto, it has to have a numerical value for some reason.
    What I want to do is get the value of the height if it was auto then use that height with the animation - this will let me have an arbitrary number of sub links without having to manually change the height each time I add/remove a sublink.

    Apologies if this is hard to make sense of - it's a little odd but I'm sure there is a way!


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    I once made a site that relied heavily on the repositioning of dynamically sized elements on the page, so it was important for me to have some code that could work our the browser computed width and height and position (x,y coordinates) of any element on the page. And we came up with this code, which was a mixture of things we found on the web:

    // Functions to work out computed width, height, and absolute position on the page
    function getComputedHeight(o){
        return navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer"?parseInt(o.offsetHeight):parseInt(document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(o,"").getPropertyValue("height").split("px")[0]);
    function getComputedWidth(o){
        return navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer"?parseInt(o.offsetWidth):parseInt(document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(o,"").getPropertyValue("width").split("px")[0]);
    function getPos(o){
        var l=t=0;
            do{ l+=o.offsetLeft; t+=o.offsetTop; } while(o=o.offsetParent);
            return [parseInt(l),parseInt(t)];
    It should be quite simple to understand - you basically pass the element's DOM object to the function, and it will return what you need... I hope!

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    Sweet, I may look into it! thanks

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