I am Ravindra from India and I am web developer with good experience in PHP. I have purchased a reseller hosting account recently from a hosting provider in India, India based server. I was trying to develop a web site for this business where I can allow my customers to shop for domain names as well along with hosting accounts but I am not able to find the API or script to register a domain through website.

Can anybody help me to update me as if there is any license I should have to register a domain. I guess I need to obtain that first it. If yes then please tell me what is the procedure, how much is the cost and from where to obtain the license for domain registration from my site.

I am planning to host a business website for my customers to be who can register a domain as well as purchase a hosting account at the same place, i.e. through my hosting services.

Please help me, I don't have much knowledge about all this.

Thank you,