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Thread: Need help to center align scrollbar when using lightbox popup

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    Need help to center align scrollbar when using lightbox popup

    Please have a look at my test-website here: http://goo.gl/ONvDs

    If you click on the first photo (panorama called "test"), you will see that it will "cut" the photo if the width of browser is narrower than the photo. The scroller is aligned "left", and is not possible to show more of the photo on the left side of it.

    Could anyone with some good css skills help me if there is some easy fix to this in the css? I guess you may use firebug to have a look at the css-code.
    I would like to have the scollbar center aligned.. so that it is possible to view the complete image by dragging the scrollbar left<>right

    Sorry about my english


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    I believe you'll need some js to do that, since you already have jquery, you may use some callback function in the ligtbox event, put the window width in a variable and use scrollLeft to move it.

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