Hello, I am Mike Poole and I represent the small devteam, "Phyer". Currently our websites are down as we are waiting for our current lead webdev to complete his work on a new web based file manager for us to access our web folders and for an upcoming web hosting service we wish to run for artists.

So far, he has knocked out alot of ground work but due to his real life job job. He is hurting bad for any spare time to complete this in a timely manner. According to him. All thats left is a few MySQL data related things and the admin interface. The UI in question can be located here: www.phyer.net

He is not looking to dump all the remaining work on someone else. He claims he will be around to help and explain things in detail. But, for now needs someone who can be dedicated to helping him out. The skill requirements he is looking for is someone with a deep understanding of PHP, javascript, MySQL, HTML and CSS. And a little java experience is optional.

If anyone is interested. Please contact me and phyerboss@phyer.net or add me on AIM or Skype.