Hey Everyone,
I am a web developer with 13 years of experience. Some of the languages I work with are HTML,CSS,PHP/OOP, SQL,JavaScript/Jquery/Ajax. I specialize in "text based game" development and I soon want to expand and move to 2D and then 3D but thats just where I plan to be in upcoming years.

I am currently looking for a team with similar ambitions. I'm not looking to hire anyone or anything like that im looking more for partners who want to build projects and be a part of the gaming industry.

Must be hard working people and people who give 110% all the time. If anyone here is interested feel free to leave your contact information and we can surely connect.

PS: This is not limited to gaming, I also aspire to create a top RPG website as well as other projects. And there are currently a few more members with no less than 8 years experience...