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Thread: [RESOLVED] Facebook "like" is working inconsistently

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Facebook "like" is working inconsistently

    This is a kind of weird issue. I run a site where (among other things) users can make their own webcomics and submit comics and people can "like" those comics using the tools underneath the comic. When someone "likes" the comic, it is supposed to like the actual URL for that comic, not just the site in general. And that is how it worked, for the first two webcomics that were up. But now a third is up and it isn't working right, even though it is running off of the same exact code.

    First two, that work fine:



    One that does not work right:


    You can see how if, using one of the first two, you click "like" it will bring up the information for the specific comic on that specific page using that specific URL. If you use the third one, it will just bring up the general URL for the site instead of the comic stuff. Which is different than the general info you get when you click the "general" like button up in the menu, oddly enough.

    Anyway, I ran the page through the Facebook debugger and it seems fine to me?


    So I'm not sure why it's not working right. Anyone have any ideas? I kind of vaguely suspect that it comes down to the fact that this comic has an id of "1" whereas the other ones are "134" and "439", but I have no idea why that would cause any trouble.

    The Facebook "share" works fine for all 3, which makes this even more confusing.

    /EDIT Oh... and now I'm vaguely recalling that while testing the comic stuff, I may have used this id=1 user (me) to test things before I had the Facebook buttons set up correctly. Would that matter? Like, could the wrong information somehow be "cached" with Facebook and it automatically goes there instead of using the right information?
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    Ok did some testing, switched this user id with a different (test) user and everything worked fine for that other user id. Unless there is something wrong with using the id "1" in the URL, I'm going to assume that Facebook has that URL cached in some way from back when I was testing.

    How do I kill that?! I probably tested up to a good 10 comics or so, I don't want to have to wait until comic 11 for people to be able to "like" them correctly...

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    So it was just a cached URL and apparently when you run them through the Facebook debugger, Facebook will go ahead and grab the new information. I guess it was just being a bit slow about it, but it works right now.

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