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Thread: Adding a captcha to a contact form

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    Adding a captcha to a contact form

    Here is the link for the original files that I downloaded http://www.theonepointwebdesign.co.u...th-validation/ , It has the orginal captcha files i downloaded and the form i tried to incorporate them into are on this page Like i say i have no http://www.cherriewebdesign.com/contactme.html idea of php so downloaded the files and tried to copy and paste bits in but can't get it to work properly, so i just removed the the copied and pasted part.

    I basically just want to add the captcha in the link at the top into my form but don't know how to do it. When i tried to do it the captcha showed up, the image and numbers ect but the user could fill out the form and miss the captcha out, submitting the form only, i need it so the user has to fill out all mandatory fields then the captcha and submit the form. Can anyone help?

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    put this on your page

    PHP Code:


    see what happens
    Natdrip :P
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