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thank you for the input i will definitely look in to updating the logo design, once i figure out some more on Photo Shop.

thank you for the "its great" part its always nice to hear.

about the header , im a bit worried that if i get a more flashy design that the site will load even slower than it currently does.
i have been having some real problems with the speed of the site it seems that the more content i have the slower it goes just recently it would take a minimum of 18 sec to load the site since then i placed come parallel loading systems (with sub domains) and some caches and html compressing systems and the site now loads a bit faster 10 sec . but i just cant seem to get it to go any faster... then 10sec its like iv hit the light speed barrier i just don't know what else to do.

does anyone know how to make a word-press site go faster?

if anyone can even give me a new direction to tackle this from i would appreciate it.

lower the header's quality cause some people might have slower internet than yours and they could suffer.