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Thread: obtaining graphics

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    obtaining graphics

    I at least know if you're making a website you cant just pull images off google. But large collections of stock photos are expensive. Im just doing a friend a favor and making ghem a website. Is there anywhere I can get free or very cheap/legal to use photos/images to use for this site? Any help is appreciated.

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    Google "free graphics" or some such.

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    If you use Google Images' advanced search you can specify that it only return images released under a permissive license; Flickr has a similar thing, where you can search for photos released under various Creative Commons licenses. (As you long as you provide acknowledgement - or contact the author of the photo and ask them nicely if you can use it without acknowledgement.)

    Tonnes of other free things out there; sometimes there are freebies to be found on http://dribbble.com/ -- as in so many other cases, Google is your friend on this one.
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    Pretty much all free with attribution.

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    Might help...

    Free Photos: http://www.freegraphicsworld.com/

    Vector Images: http://vector4free.com/
    Featured Free Vector Art: http://www.vecteezy.com/?utm_source=...campaign=april
    The Best Free Photos on the Web (Where to Find Them and What to Do With Them): http://photojojo.com/content/guides/...domain-photos/
    The Noun Project: http://thenounproject.com/

    Free stock photos:

    The Five Best Places To Find Free Creative Commons Photos: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/places-...ommons-photos/
    Dreamstime | Free Photos: http://www.dreamstime.com/free-photos
    Free Photos Web: http://www.freephotosweb.com/freephotosweb

    Fontplay | Free Photos: http://www.fontplay.com/freephotos/
    FreePhotoBank: http://www.freephotobank.org/
    FreePhotosBank.com: http://www.freephotosbank.com/
    FreeFoto: http://www.freefoto.com/

    FreeMediaGoo: http://www.freemediagoo.com/
    Free Vectors: http://stockgraphicdesigns.com/categ...ctor-graphics/
    Stock.XCHNG (leading FREE stock photo site): http://www.sxc.hu/
    FreeStockPhotos: http://www.freestockphotos.com/
    FreeImages.co.uk: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/

    Morguefile: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/
    JpgTo: Easily Obtain A Picture Of Anything: http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/jpgto-obtain-a-picture/ (http://jpg.to/)

    The online royalty free public domain clip art: http://www.clker.com/

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