Hello my name is "SkyTech21" and I'm the lead of the MMO project Pokemon Unlimited, a java MMO game based on Gamefreaks' famous series Pocket Monsters (Pokemon). My friend is the owner of an upcoming hosting company and gave me a vps on his main server running linux CentOS. My vps costs the game's server and the website. The MySQL for the game's database is done by phpMyAdmin and part of the Kloxo package which also has all the website/vps controls.

The website ( http://www.pokemonunlimited.tk/ ) currently has only the lead webdev working on it and all he knows how to code is html (and just barely) and he has requested that I find someone who knows how to make HTML, CSS, GFX, PSD, & PHP.

What is there in this? Well Pokemon Unlimited is a non-profit Free 2 Play game that just launched in Alpha Testing. So there isn't even a cash shop yet. The team includes Me (Lead of Project and Developer/Programmer), My hoster ( Host and Moderator), and the lead webdev. None of us make any money, but of course the hoster gets free advertisement for upcoming hosting company. So if you join my team with this project.. it'll be because you love Pokemon and want to see an MMO of it become something bigger than what Gamefreaks made the failed* Pokemon World Online. You will be added to the staff contact list so if people do like the website and are looking for a website of their own, they will be able to contact you and might be offering cash. So pretty much you can use the site as a reference to your work, and slight advertisement. You'll also receive a @pokemonunlimited.tk email address and if you decide to play the game of course you'll receive benefits in that.

Any questions or if you want to apply for the job please contact me:

Skype - SethReaper (will show up as Aleriss) - This is the preferred way of contact

Email - sky@pokemonunlimited.tk

I most likely will not check this thread often, so please those contact methods are very preferred over replying here. I am fine if you would like to speak of a contract where throughout this project you'll earn something more. (Do keep in mine making a long term contract for any money payment will have escape routes for me in the off chance Pokemon Unlimited never earns money on a cash shop or if paying you from it's expenses will put the project in chance of closure.)