Hi i'm creating a website, witch has a scroll function.
And in firefox it works great on all sub-pages.

But in chrome, there is one sub-page where it won't scroll all the way down.

you can see it on: www.wearecrunch.dk/gammelsjuf
and go to sponsors and there the scroll works fine in firefox but not in chrome.

This is the HTML code for that page:
HTML Code:
     <div class="info">
    <div class="txt_donations">
    <div class="txt_chairman">
    <p><img src="logo3" alt="logo" /></p>
    <p><img src="logo2" /></p>
    <p><img src="images/logo1" alt="logo" /></p>
    <div class="txt_doneret">
    <li>navn</li><br />
    <li>navn navn</li>
does anyone know what the problem could be?

Thank you