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Thread: Issue with playing Audio files one by one using JavaScript

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    Thumbs up Issue with playing Audio files one by one using JavaScript

    We are able to play one Audio file at a time, using a button click event.
    If we are trying to play two Audio files one by one in an order, using the same button click event; second audio file's sound is over-lapping the first audio file.
    Pls help us in resolution of this issue.

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    without seeing any of your code it's impossible to be specific, so generally speaking you would put an if statement at the start of the function that starts the playback, saying if something is playing stop it before starting to play the new thing.

    if that doesn't help, you might have to post some code - there are various ways of playing audio on the web.

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    you play the first one upon the button's click() event and the second one upon the first's onended() event...
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