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Thread: MySQL database - Profil - How to manage it ?

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    Question MySQL database - Profil - How to manage it ?


    I will build a script where user whill have a profil.
    This profil will have many fields.

    I thinks that there is two way to manage it :

    - A table profil with many columns (one columns by option)
    - A table like wordpress options (a systèm of key - value)

    The second option will be more scalable : if i add a profil data, i won't have to add a column ... it will only create a new "key".

    But wich solutions seems to be the best solution ?
    For table size / code optimisation.
    Which one will you choose ?


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    Option 1 will have better database performance. Unless you plan on adding a lot of fields on the fly I would stick with option 1.

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