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Thread: A little bit helo with pressing buttons :D

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    Question A little bit helo with pressing buttons :D

    Hello guys,
    I am new here... I am also new to JS, I have programmed C/C++, C#, VB, HMTL and as i can see JS syntax is something like C# syntax + HTML syntax... anyway

    i urgently need to simulate a nutton press... i am making a c# application and i want to skip one add in adfly... i run JS in my c# broweser but i can figure out the JS code... i tried pressing it in browser... by using some functions which i found in the page's source but i could only show the button so no waiting but i dont need this i need the pressing so i get the button id...

    so i hope someone could help me

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    P.S. sorry for double posting but i meant button not nutton i just didnt find the edit buton

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