i hope someone can help me with this. I have searched online but have not been able to figure out how to do this.

We have a service URL (http://mysite.php) where we want to pull a list of titles from and display in on our homepage.

I am limited to HTML components on the page because it is a CMS (sort of) and the only choices I have are HTML Component.

The basic instructions I was given are these:

Client will make a post request containing the field xmlreq. The value associated with that field will be as follows:

<client>{client code}</client>
<request_id>{optional string which will be returned}</request_id>

The response returned will include all titles currently available to the client in the following format:

<client>{client code}</client>
<request_id>{optional string passed in request}</request_id>
<response_time>{date and time response was created as a GMT time in the format yyyymmddhhmmss}</response_time>
<status>{0 or 1}</status>
<msg>{optional message}</msg>
<pub_id>{unique assigned 32 character string}</pub_id>
<pub_name>[<![CDATA[{publication name}]]><pub_name>
<category><![CDATA[category name]]></category>

If the post was successful, the status element will be 0 and the msg element will be blank. If the post was unsuccessful, the msg element will be 1 and the msg element will contain a description of the error(s).

How can I format this request into HTML? and incluie the required fields?

Any help is appreciated!