Hi Forum Administrators - you may or may not have noticed it already:

All of webdeveloper.internet.com appears to have become redlisted in the Avast WebRep database.

Red warning icons, signaling a "Bad" rating, are added to all pages at that domain and to search results from the domain, as viewed on any computer that has Avast Antivirus installed and the WebRep browser plugin enabled. (It is enabled as default.)

The sister domain webdeveloper.com is not affected, as far as I can see.

I am posting this because I thought you would like to know. My impression is that Avast Antivirus itself has a good reputation. It is widely used, with an estimated 150 million users worldwide and a market share around 16 percent.

But the quality of their new WebRep voting system has been criticized from a number of sides - seemingly not without reason.

At the time of writing, webdeveloper.internet.com is closed for scheduled maintenance. Even that notice has been rated bad, "based on many votes", according to the red icon that accompanies it on my Avast-protected computer. A similar message concerning webdeveloper.com last night had - if I remember right - a green icon, indicating it was good based on a small number of votes.