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Thread: Where to go for minor website changes?

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    Where to go for minor website changes?

    Iím a web developer and often have friends bug me whenever they want something changed on their website. Itís generally small things like adding a logo or a social media sharing button etc. Often itís just too much hassle to go through all the effort of doing something so small and I hate getting hassled a number of times to make it perfect.

    Does anyone else have a similar problem to me and wish there was a place we could send all our noobie non-tech friends to get their minor website changes done?

    These sorts of small changes arenít going to be enough work to go through a proper agency with and most of my friends who are also developers donít have time for this stuff either.

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    Except for immediate family - I quote prices on the high side. I either get some extra bucks or they keep looking for someone to do the work.

    Being able to refer friends to someone else can help.

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