Hi, I've mainly been developing asp.net webpages for a while now using c#, but Im still not confident on how to proceed with my current project so I thought Id ask around first since my extensive googling has fallen short.

What Im trying to accomplish on my website is a sort of mockup of a smartphone displaying a live website inside its limited window (320x480 pixels). For this I was thinking of using either <embed> or <iframe>.

However, I havent been able to meet the following requirements:

Q1. Is it possible to zoom out the webpage loaded within the iframe/embed so that it fills up the limited screen without having to scroll sideways? Keep in mind that I will not be able to manipulate the website that is loaded, and that the width of them can differ.

Q2: Is there a command that lets you navigate back that you can have a button of your own design implement?

Q3: Can you turn off only the horisontal scrollbar? Seems to be that it's both or none...

If none of this is possible using embed or iframe, what other options are there? Could this be done using silverlight, perhaps? I havent found any support to load a webpage into a silverlight application, however.

Thanks for your time