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Thread: JS files seem to be loaded multiple times

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    JS files seem to be loaded multiple times


    when i use developer toolbar on IE, in scripts tab, there is list of js files that are loaded. sometimes i see that same file has been mentioned multiple times in that list. what does this imply? I have checked the IE setting for Js files, the files are loaded once and cached. i m not loading files with every hit to the page.

    why would there be same file listed multiple times as loaded? any ideas?


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    it might be downloading a copy for display in the developer tools. since it is cached, it's just a request to your computer's ram, no http involved. it should not slow down your page.
    if in doubt, check the server logs after noticing the behavior.

    you may well be pointing to a script more than once, or a script might be re-directing, that's a possibility as well...
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