Hi, I have a Javascript-based shopping cart that uses sessions and cookies and seems to work fine. However, it duplicates orders sometimes only in Safari* and only on my client's Hostmonster account.

It works fine on my Dreamhost account, but when moving it over to Hostmonster where we can go live, it continues to duplicate orders when hitting "Add to Cart." It is almost impossible to tell when it's going to duplicate them, too... sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't.

Both hosts have the same version of PHP and I have copied the php.ini file from my Dreamhost account over to the Hostmonster account with no change in results.

What other variables should I be looking at that would make one server respond differently to a Javascript action? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you need the code, I'll post it, but it's basically an off the shelf shopping cart from a few years ago. We've used it a bunch of times with success, but this host is giving us problems.

*Normally it wouldn't matter, since Safari is such a small percentage of users, but 60% of visitors to this site are using Safari.