Twelve years ago I set up a web page on GeoCities using their GUI that actually produced the HTML code.

Now, I want to retire that page and redirect visitors to a YahooGroups page.

I've found a number of places on the web that suggest using a "refresh" command.

But when I try it, it doesn't work.

You can see what happens by pointing your browser to this URL:

If you try it, you'll see that a line of the HTML code appears on the screen, along with a link to YahooGroups, but the page never redirects.

I've pasted in the code I'm using below. I'd be grateful to anyone who could explain to me how to get the redirection working. (Also, since our group name "SeattleCFS" comes up first in a Google search, it would be nice to set up the redirection so that we keep our Google ranking. Is that possible?)

<title>Redirect to SeattleCFS YahooGroup</title>
< content="0;url=">
Redirecting to SeattleCFS YahooGroup. If you're not redirected within a couple of seconds,
click here:<br />
<a href="">SeattleCFS YahooGroup</a>