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Thread: Is Marquee Now Out Dated

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    Is Marquee Now Out Dated

    Hi, i need to set some text scrolling across the top of my web page. I am currently using the <marquee> tag to achieve this, however i find it very jittery / jagedy...

    I understand that the <marquee> tag has been around for years now... is there a better system to used... would it be better to use a small js script for this as it would probably scroll the text smoother... if so does anyone have a good script to use, thanks in advance for your help...

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    Marquee is a CSS3 property, so is definitely not out dated. Indeed, being CSS3, I'm not sure how well supported it is by different browsers. Anyway, I would suggest that the judder is an implementation issue. i.e. some browsers may look smoother than others, and it is likely that IE8 (and earlier) will not work at all! What browser(s) have you tested your code on???

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