I was hoping that someone could help and confirm or provide more info for AWS. Here's what I have so far.

I'm currently developing a pretty basic web application using CodeIgniter and MySQL and I've been doing some research regarding using Amazon Web Services vs. using basic web hosting for ultimately hosting the app. I was initially very excited about using AWS due to their on-demand price plan, security, availability, and all the administrative capability it provides, however, it appears that I'd be paying at least triple the amount.

A basic web hosting package at Bluehost, which provided the LAMP environment required for the app runs about $4/mo. With AWS, the services that would be used for the web app would be the EC2, RDS, and S3. The instance cost alone for the EC2 is around $58. That doesn't even include the costs for the RDS and S3.

It seems like AWS is currently not built and priced for small, independent web apps. Has anyone else done research? Have you come to the same conclusion or is my pricing estimate way off?

Thank for any help.