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Thread: [RESOLVED] Select from 2 tables

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Select from 2 tables

    I have 2 tables: lss1 & lss2 and the content needs to be selected from either table depending on the criteria.

    PHP Code:
    $sql="SELECT * FROM lss1, lss2 WHERE id=$variable"
    I am getting the following error: "Couldn't execute query: Column 'id' in where clause is ambiguous"

    How do I not make the "id" ambiguous when it could go to either table?

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    specify id from which table to select. i think you need...

    $sql="SELECT * FROM lss1, lss2 WHERE lss1.id=$variable and lss1.id=lss2.id";

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    If the two tables are truly separate (as opposed to joined on a common field), then you may need to do a union
    PHP Code:
    select col1col2col3 from table1 where something='something'
    select col2
    col2col3 from table2 where something='something' 
    Note that you must select the same number/type of columns from each table.
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