Hello community,
I am searching in the web for quite a while now and already found some partial solutions for my problem.
I describe it as the following:

I have a real big picture (5000x2500px) which is some kind of map. I want view a zoomed selection of it in a 500x500 square. You now should be able to drag the picture, to see other parts of the map (just like using google maps, zoomed in and dragging around to see other parts of the map). Additionally on some fixed points on the map a square should be shown, where the user can click on and gets redirected to another webpage. I found some solutions to make a picture dragable (see http://www.netzgesta.de/shiftzoom/) and others to create links on a picture (Html ImageMap). But I just can not find a combination of both of it.

I really hope you can understand my matter and probably have a solution for it!

If you have questions, please ask! I am really looking forward to get this problem solved!

Best Regards,