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Thread: Online school to get Web developer classes

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    Lightbulb Online school to get Web developer classes

    Hello, I'm here to get some help and find some schools providing online web developer classes.

    I'm at the moment working full-time as Helpdesk, so I'm not available to follow classrooms during the day, that's all the problem. I know I could buy some DVD to learn on my own, but I rather prefer to have classes and have a tutor giving advices.

    I'm in Belgium and I speak french, so at first, I tried to look for french online schools. I've found some, but to be honest, these ones are quite expensive, around 3000 to 4000 a year.

    So as I speak a little bit English as well I'm thinking about following classrooms in English, if possible and if I can afford them...

    Would you know any online schools providing good web developer classrooms ? If they deliver a degree at the end, recognized, It's even more perfect...

    At the moment I just master HTML & CSS, but I'm rather good at designing, 3D, drawing as my training at the base is computer graphic !

    Your help would be really appreciate.

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    Hi Kouyate,

    I learned a lot from lynda.com. It is all in English, but they have really good videos and also transcripts of everything. Lynda.com is only $25 a month
    for access to their entire library. A little more if you want to be able to download the work files.

    You could also look at http://teamtreehouse.com/ , (also in English) although I don't have much personal experience using that site.


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