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Thread: Please review www.raaas.com (:

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    Please review www.raaas.com (:

    Please review www.raaas.com (:

    Hello everybody! I have just launched a new website www.raaas.com
    The goal for the website to provide all kind of solutions for money related problems,specially financial and audit services to all problems.
    We are all about service for clients and so we develope long term relationship. All can find solutions to their finacial problems and fetch services here.

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    Looks quite nice an appropriate for the subject. My only complaint is that I generally dislike auto-scrolling and/or moving marquee text, finding it to be a needless distraction to my concentration. I feel similarly if not as strongly about changing images. I want to read your content, not be distracted by it.

    However, I know that marketing/sales type people like bright shiny objects, so you may need to throw such stuff in to satisfy them.
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    I also liked your site... keep it up..

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    you neeeed much beter seo

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    1.NogDog : Thanks for replying
    I m thankful you understood the demands of clients for catchy stuffs, just wanted to be sure if its worth coming on first page of google ,so that i can fetch some suggestions for the else case

    2. Mettechnologies : Thankyou

    3.Nevenne : Well i m trying my best to do a good job on seo of this website,thankyou for your review
    Can you suggest me things i should use to get this website on first page of google, like with some link or example
    please feel free to comment if there u see any weakness

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    Nice design. Good internal page structures. But I don't like the flash that's show the services of this site about. You should make a button to make it can go back from the page that customer needs.

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    any suggestions plzz, i m doing seo on it myself,, thanks for reply

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    thanks mettechnologies

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