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Thread: I want to write in Hebrew in the following line in XML

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    I want to write in Hebrew in the following line in XML

    I want to write in Hebrew in the following line FLASHTUNING PRESENTS

    <html><![CDATA[<p><font color="#FFFFFF" size="25" face="verdana">FLASHTUNING PRESENTS:</font></p>]]></html>

    It just did not read what I have written in Hebrew, and therefore does not appear
    Hebrew text only if it's in English letters shows on banner


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <object param="useRandomOrdering" value="0" />
    <!-- buttons settings -->
    <controlBox x="447" y="265">
    <play linkageID="ft_skin1_playButton" x="0" y="0" shadow="0" />
    <prevItem linkageID="ft_skin1_prevImageButton" x="30" y="0" shadow="0" />
    <nextItem linkageID="ft_skin1_nextImageButton" x="60" y="0" shadow="0" />
    <numeric x="30" y="-90" hidden="1" pageSize="3" spacing="4" horizontal="1" buttonPosition="0" rows="3" cols="3">
    <generic linkageID="ft_skin1_numericButton" shadow="0" dontShowNumbers="0"/>
    <nextPage linkageID="ft_skin1_nextPageButton" shadow="0" />
    <prevPage linkageID="ft_skin1_prevPageButton" shadow="0" />
    <fullscreen linkageID="ft_skin1_fullScreenButton" x="120" y="0" shadow="0" />
    <timer linkageID="ft_skin1_Timer" x="90" y="0" shadow="0" actionScripted="1"/>

    <!-- global textbox settings -->
    <defaultTextBox bkgndAlpha="70" bkgndColor="0x000000" vAlign="center" hAlign="center" width="200" paddingX="20" paddingY="20" ignoreTransitionTime="0"
    marginX="10" marginY="10" cornerRadius="0" cssFile="css/style.css" textAlpha="100" embeddedFont="Default" delay="0" />

    <media type="image" src="banner-images/p1.jpg" delay="6" link="http://www.flashtuning.net/" target="_self"/>
    <text ignoreTransitionTime="0" vAlign="top">
    <box bkgndAlpha="100" bkgndColor="0xFF6600" hAlign="center" width="400" paddingX="0" paddingY="0">
    <textTransition startFrom="template1">
    <mask type="4" rows="4" cols="1" shape="rectangle" forceEqualSizes="0" animationType="line" />
    <animation transitionType="circ" transitionMethod="easeInOut" duration="0.6" delay="0.3" direction="up" />

    <html><![CDATA[<p><font color="#FFFFFF" size="25" face="verdana">FLASHTUNING PRESENTS:</font></p>]]></html>

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    well this code is actually works or not?

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