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    help please

    Hi, I applied for a Computer Science degree in Web Services and Applications. I want to know if this is related or can give me a job working in a web site (web development and design). If not, what undergraduate degree do you recommend me or do you recommend me instead, continuing in this degree and when finished do a master or some kind of specialization on Web design and Web development? Thanks

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    I do not understand. You have applied for a degree course without knowing whether it is relevant to your intended occupation? Have you read the prospectus of the course, and/or asked the college whether it is relevant?

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    Yes I've read. Everybody said that the best basis for a web developer is to take a Computer Science course. My main question was if there was another concentration best suited for a web developer. In this college there are Web Services and Applications, Information Systems, Computer Games, etc... Also I asked after finishing on a Computer Science course what master I should follow. Understand now?

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