Iím working on my first website ever;


You may think my gigantic image at the top is unusual, but my design would be more practical if I was able to implement this;

I am trying to figure out a way to have my internal links load the pages starting partway down the large image at the top. Iím trying to get my site to behave as if there was an anchor a little more than halfway down the shield image, a few pixels above the word Barbaric. Right now I have anchors on the very first text on every page, but I donít want to skip over the big image entirely. And I also donít want to always make the user scroll down all the way from the top to get to the text. I want to raise the anchors about 540 pixels upward, or do something else to that effect. Is this possible? I tried inserting a named anchor into a hotspot in Dreamweaver, and the site pretty much imploded. Yes, Iím quite new to web development.

Thanks in advance.