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Thread: How to add a specific function to a provided php code?

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    How to add a specific function to a provided php code?

    Hi all;

    I've uploaded a php code for a proxy web that is here:

    I want to put this file on my server and use it as a browser, so that clients connect to the server through this inner (surrogafier) browser!
    Currently, I want to customize the php code to meet my needs.

    I'd like to save any entered character or password or any action done, in a text file using this php code.
    I mean, when a client calls the surrogafier (php proxy browser) available on the server in his browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, ...) address bar, any input by the client to be save in a text file.
    Something like LOGGING, but I want to save any character or string input or event in addition to registering only actions or functions!
    And because I'm new to php coding, I don't know which function should I add to this code to do the above work?

    Is there any stock function in php to use it for this purpose or I should write a procedure myself?

    Please help...

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    This is an awful problem to solve using PHP. Why don't you just put your NIC in promiscuous mode and log all of the incoming traffix on X port / forwarded traffic?

    Too complicated? Use wireshark... something like this:

    wireshark -i eth0 -k -w my_log.pcap

    that's overkill (you log EVERYTHING), maybe just the port that you're running the proxy on is better. There's a lot of ways to do what you're looking for, and I suspect that's taking people's passwords LOL
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    Yes, you're right.
    But I want to get logs on 7th layer (application layer), while promiscuous mode and wireshark are usable on 3th layer (Network).

    I want to have something like Firefox operation when a username and password for a forum like "webdeveloper" are saved in browser for next uses!

    I need a php function or procedure to save a lot of "user & pass"s or events & actions in a separate text file through this inner proxy (inner browser: surrogafier.php).

    Could you guide me about this please...


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