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Thread: Get ImageAltText and Image path in Javascript

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    Post Get ImageAltText and Image path in Javascript

    This is my response

    <createstkyUserResponse xmlns="http://xyz.com/abc"><stky imagePath="Bicycle/mc20/bicycle.jpg" imageAltText="Bicycle 123"/>

    the image list I get it from this div

    imageList += '<div class="myclass"><img class="stky" src="data:image/png;base64,' + $(this).text() + '"></div>';
    i need the imageAltText and path

    tried this way not working

    var imageAttr=image.attr("id");
    var myAttr=imageAttr.split("-");
    applicationObj.imagePath = myAttr[0];
    applicationObj.imageAltText = myAttr[1];

    Please need a help will be appriciated

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    If I understand
    The code I try:
    <createstkyUserResponse xmlns="http://xyz.com/abc"><stky imagePath="Bicycle/mc20/bicycle.jpg" imageAltText="Bicycle 123"/> 
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var el = document.getElementsByTagName('stky');
    alert(el[0].getAttribute('imageAltText') );     //  Bicycle 123
    alert(el[0].getAttribute('imagePath') );    //  Bicycle/mc20/bicycle.jpg
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