Hello everyone!

i have a website which was developed using codeigniter php framework. but i got one problem from the time when i change my web host on windows platform to linux. actually i have a "image.php" file im my public_html, from this i call image using "http://domain.com/image.php?width=75&height=75&cropratio=1:1&image=http://domain.com/image.php/image.jpg?width=150&image=http://domain.com/uploads/articles_media/2012/07/001372acd7d310ac401a09.jpg&cropratio=1:1" but it shows empty box on website instead of showing images and if i direct visit the url then its shows 403 forbidden for "image.php" file. But if i call image using "http://domain.com/image.php/image.jpg?width=150&image=http://domain.com/uploads/articles_media/2012/07/001372acd7d310ac401a09.jpg&cropratio=1:1" then it works fine. Does anyone knows whats going wrong with me?