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Thread: Everything was fine, until I moved the image, then the tiny logo at the bottom went u

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    Everything was fine, until I moved the image, then the tiny logo at the bottom went u

    Everything was fine, but then I moved the image down a bit as it was to close to the top.
    Only problem now is, the tiny logo at the bottom went to the top above the first image un derneath the paragaraph.

    I had;;
    .captionBox img {position:absolute:width:25%; top:400; left:330px; z-index-1;}
    .captionBox p{position:relative;bottom:10px; left:20px; z-index:1; color:gold; font-size:30px; width:900px; text-align: center;}

    #LOGO4 {position:absolute;left:30px;}
    I then changed the attribute in the.captionBox img{top:400px} (the px infront of the 400) Then the logo at the bottom moved above the Image.

    Then I changed #LOGO4 to {position:absolute;float:bottom;left:30px;top:700px;}

    <p><img src="../Pictures/logo4.png";width="30" height="40" alt="LOGO4".png"; class="LOGO4"/>

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    First, lose the semi-colons from your HTML. HTML attributes use parameter_name="value". CSS uses colons and semi-colons, but they would only appear in your HTML if you were setting the 'style' attribute on an HTML element and it contained more than one CSS instruction.

    Second, post the code for the page or a link to your code. CSS positioning depends on the styling of the page as a whole, so it's impossible to see the problem based only on some snippets.

    Third, spend some time learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. You'll waste an enormous amount of time and energy just trying things until the seem to work rather than truly understanding them.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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