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Thread: Wordpress Slider Help!

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    Wordpress Slider Help!


    I have totally no experience with Javascript so I am asking this as a BIG HUGE favor.

    I have a website running build on WordPress.
    I'm using a Slider on different pages of the website. (this is a plugin)
    The slider is for the bigger part build in Javascript.
    The basic is this.
    I have a problem with three things.
    1. On the bottom side of the slider is a bar that contains thumbnails of other images that are in the slider.
    This bar is the total with of the container that it is in. I have manualy changed the width of this container so that it
    shows up in the center of the page. However the thing I want to achieve is that the bar stretches to the width of the images that the bar contains with a max of 5 images.

    2. Whenever the bar contains less then 5 images the arrows on the side should't show op! If the bar contains more then 5 images it should have the arrow to the next 5 images.

    3. This one is the tricky one. If I upload an image it always has the same height but not the same width.
    So what I would like to have is that the thumbnail of the "big" image also has a different witdh.

    I know this is a lot (or maybe not) but I would very much appreciate any help.

    This is the slider I bought:

    The code it to long to post so that's why I used Pastebin

    Thank you BIG time in advance!


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    Anyone who might want to take a look at this!

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