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Thread: SVG problem.

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    SVG problem.

    Hi there.

    I am new at SVG, and need to fix something.

    I have a php for loop that generates a circle with images with names rigth below them. Each imagem has a rect around them. The rects are generated around the circle.

    What a i need fix is to center the imagem inside the rect. Also, make tha name appear, becouse right now they are there but are not visual.

    for($i=0;$i<$count;$i++) {
    			$x = ($x_inicial+($raio*cos(deg2rad($teta)))) ;
    			$y = ($y_inicial+($raio*sin(deg2rad($teta)))) ;
    	  	$string .= '<line x1="'.($x_inicial+($tam/2)).'" y1="'.($y_inicial+($tam/2)).'" x2="'.($x+($tam/2)).'" y2="'.($y+($tam/2)).'"  style="stroke:#045f89;stroke-width:3"/>
    	           <a xlink:href="'.URL.'empresa/perfil/'.$empresas[$i]['slug'].'" >
    	           <rect width="'.($tam*1.4).'px"  height="'.($tam*1.4).'px" x="'.$x.'" y="'.$y.'" style="stroke:gray;stroke-width:1;fill-opacity:0;stroke-opacity:1"/>
    	           <image nome="'.$empresas[$i]['nome'].'" x="'.$x.'" y="'.$y.'" width="'.$tam.'px" height="'.$tam.'px" xlink:href="'.URL.$empresas[$i]['foto'].'_thumb'.$empresas[$i]['extensao'].'" class="redondo" />
    			$teta = $teta + $razao;
    Any ideas?

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    Why don't you consult to designers of expertsfromindia . com

    They are highly experienced....

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